We share with you the responsibility of managing intellectual property and technologies that can improve people’s life.

That is why every strategic choice we make is not just about you. It is about us.

Our Mission

At the intersection of IP law, technology and business strategy, MITO Technology is the responsible partner for companies, universities, start-ups and research centers to turn their intellectual property in economic success.

We feature MITO as the external Chief Intellectual Property Officer of your organization, the goal-oriented, visionary executive that will drive the internal transition from intellectual property as a mere cost center to intellectual property as a profit-generating force. […]

We have become coordinator of the PROGRESS-TT project

10 / 05 / 2016|0 Comments

As of May 2, 2016, MITO Technology has become coordinator of PROGRESS-TT, an #H2020 project aimed at improving the transfer of [...]

Microsoft acquires our client Solair

5 / 05 / 2016|0 Comments

We are proud to report that our client Solair, a leading Italian company in the field of the Internet of [...]

We are hiring!

22 / 03 / 2016|0 Comments

This position is open as part of the coordination team of an on-going Horizon 2020 project. The position of Junior [...]