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MI.TO.Technology’s core business is the management of intellectual property rights and the promotion of licensing as main form of exploitation for public and private IP owners. On behalf of a multinational company we are looking for an abrasive material or simple finished products that can be used to mechanically grind, buff or polish delicate surfaces. The advantage of this product form is that it could be used in multiple directions and would not suffer from traditional nicks and cuts. One key functions of the material or product is that it can remove protruding short soft hairy structures such as fine fibers or animal / human hairs fastened to a soft and delicate surface.

Our MUST Requirements:

·         Must have an abrasive or cutting surface that is capable of removing or grinding the hairy structures without excessive damage to the soft delicate surfaces.

·         Abrasive or cutting surface that is effective for at least 10 uses

·         Allows the function with multiple directional movements such as a scrubbing or massaging movement

·         Must be available in reasonable quantities with a scalable manufacturing process

·         Cost of materials allows a consumer affordable and profitable business proposition

·         Freedom to practice the technology.

Additional WANTS,  BUT NOT Requirements: Companies that have;

·         A material that we can allow a foam or moisturizer to pass through (e.g. a porous sponge, an open cell metal sponge)

·         A conforming surface.

·         A self repairing surface (or can be renewed by itself).

·         IP/Patents that we could own

·         Powered devices

What we are NOT looking for:

·         Devices that might peel off the soft surface.

·         Traditional shaving products.

·         Products that are unsafe in case it is used on the skin
For any further information please drop a line to

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