Technology request: New materials and designs for decreased bearding in pressurized foaming packages.


Foam is a novel component to a variety of consumer product categories,such as personal care and beauty. Self-foaming packaging designs have existedfor decades, and either incorporate complex mechanisms to incorporate air togenerate the foam (thereby leading to a higher cost), rely on propellant toreact with product to form foam, or do not perform as well. The latter conceptgenerates superior foam; however, the consumer experience during dispensing hasan issue. After the consumer releases the actuator, the foam continues growingin the nozzle due to propellant residue in the dispenser, reacting with theproduct formula. The client is therefore seeking new expertise, systems, andmaterials that can create a decrease in bearding, or leakage, of the productfrom dispenser after use. This will ultimately provide an improved foamdispensing experience by the existing dispenser. For reference, typicalpropellant used for these systems is 152A or DuPont’s Dymel. Organizations withcommercial scale-up experience are not required, but would be “nice-to have”.Possible approaches might include, but are not limited to: Materials that holdanti-foaming chemicals which can be released appropriately through the product lifetime, “New-to-the-world” designs that mechanically cut-off bearding, New pump systems that create an improved “suck back” force to prevent bearding Approaches not of interest: Surfactants or propellants that create differentfoam systems are not of interest

Technical Specifications /Specific technical requirements of the request:

“Bearding” is used to describe the undesirable leakage of the propellant/product mixture from an aerosol can dispenser after actuation by the consumer is completed. The goal is to develop or evaluate new systems that can create an improved consumer experience through new and novel ways to stop the propellant and product mixture from leaking out of the dispenser after actuation has completed. Note that antibearding only through formulation oradditives/surfactants is not of interest at this time (i.e., the improvement must be achieved either purely mechanically, or through a combination ofmechanical and chemical factors). Characteristics of a successful anti-beardingtechnology include the following: Technologies for introduction of anti bearding chemicals into plastic parts, Minimal output volume after actuation completion, Minimal leaking from dispenser, Increased suck back, Improved value to customer due to less wasted product.

List of Keywords:

Technology Care, Hygiene, Beauty Care and Health Services

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