Technology request: High Temperature Stable High Dielectric Strength Resistor Materials.

Modern electronics has focused on materials with advanced properties for integrated circuits. Macro-scale device however also experience demands for increased performance. Electrical resistors are found in a variety of power-handling circuits calling for bulk materials that perform under increasingly demanding conditions. The combination of high temperature stability, high dielectric strength and high resistibility is satisfied in one implementation by conductive glasses with megaohm resistances. In some cases known materials are reaching the limits of performance. Possible approaches might include, but are not limited to: Superior High Resistivity glasses – High temperature stable Polymers doped with conductivity promoters – Ceramic Compositions.

Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements of the request

The successful material will: Be temperature stable up to 400 C – Maintain integrity over many cycles of operation between -30 and 400 C – Have a specific resistivity (p) between than 1 ohm-meters and 200 ohm-meters – Be formable as small cylinders ?Be resistant to high currents/voltages as demonstrated by a dielectric strength >45 kV.

List of Keywords


Electonic engineering

Ceramic Materials and Powders


Plastics, Polymers

Temperature monitoring

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