#ProgressTechTransfer investe in #Respectlife, #startup nata nell’ambito del #SanMatteo di #Pavia

We are happy to announce that #Progress Tech Transfer entered an investment agreement for proof-of-concept with Respectlife S.r.l., an innovative start-up originating from the San Matteo research hospital in #Pavia, #Italy. Respectlife developed and protected an innovative technology for the production of polypropylene-based fabrics with high performance features, finished without chemical products and without elastomers and a natural candidate to replace cottons in bed linens, isolation gowns, blankets and other material currently used within hospital for clinical applications, as well as of use in other fields, including, but not limited to, sportswear, fashion and technical clothing.

The proof-of-concept will be conducted in a relevant clinical situation and will help test the performance of the PP fabrics, while providing inputs for the final business plan of the company. Relife’s technology is expected to become a game changer in the field of hospital practice, with savings for the management, respect for the environment and safety for patients.

Stay tuned



comunicato stampa Respectlife

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