On a behalf on an Italian company we are looking for new solutions in alternative to currently used anticoagulants to fight rodents (mice and rats).

Description of the Problem:

We are looking for new solutions in alternative to currently used anticoagulants to fight rodents (mice and rats). More specifically, we are interested in identifying new substances to kill rodents.

Anti-coagulant substances are currently the most used actives in rodenticides. However, growing concerns for the long-term viability of these substances make the search for new and improved actives a matter of high priority. Any novel rodenticide solution with a lower environmental impact and less risky for non-target animals, would have significant global benefits.

What We Are Looking for:

Solutions already identified or under development, as well as potential partnership/collaboration for the development of a new rodenticide based on a low-risk substance. The solution should ensure sufficient efficacy performance, stability and safety, and be suitable for both professional and amateur fields.

Lower efficacy results compared to anticoagulants are also acceptable, as long as sufficient to overcome the minimum mortality test requirements (90% mortality in laboratory and field test).


Must Have

  1. High efficacy (90% mortality in laboratory and field test) to fight rodents (mice and rats);
  2. Low human hazard;
  3. No PBT (Persistent-Bio-accumulative, Toxic);
  4. Stable in baits for 2 years (if the solution is used in rodenticide baits);
  5. Economical (acceptable price for users);


  1. Palatable (if the solution is used in rodenticide baits);
  2. Species specificity for mice and rats (safe for pets);
  3. Painless/humane;
  4. No capacity to develop resistance in target species;
  5. Fast-acting (effective in a few days);
  6. Antidote available for no target species;

What We Are Not Looking for:

  1. Rodenticide solutions based on anticoagulant substances or potentially persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT).
  2. Solutions based on toxic substances as for example: strychnine, zinc phosphide, aluminium phosphide, scilliroside, arsenic derivatives, phosphorus derivatives….


Key words:

Rodents-rodenticides-low risk-efficacy-safety.

For any further information please drop a line to info@mitotech.eu

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