We do licensing. We are the licensing company that manages IP to find its way towards the market, to become competitive advantage for firms and generate economic results.

But we are not just a consultant; we are a responsible partner. Thanks to our original business model, we share in risk with intellectual property right-holders, so our clients can be sure we manage any technology as our technology.

Our hands-on approach requires a constant relationship with technology providers; we know that human capital is crucial for the success of any effort to commercialize technology and we care about our inventors.

While we understand markets’ needs and try our best to manage any technology to maximize financial returns, we believe that sound, long-lasting and mutually satisfactorily relationships require continuous efforts to meet inventors’ and institutions’ expectations.

Working at the interface of technology markets, we believe that matching demand and supply of innovation requires science and dedication more than luck.

What is distinctive of MITO’s value proposition for customers is the critical mass, as we work as a hub for technology acquisition.
A large portfolio of opportunities means reduced transaction costs and increased chances of a good deal.

We encourage companies as well as universities and research centers willing to offer or acquire technology to contact us for any inquiry. Our strong link with the academic world and with major corporations allows us to access immediately a terrific reservoir of opportunities that are available for commercial exploitation.

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