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Intellectual property consulting

We provide a full range of intellectual property related services.

Our customers include large multinational corporations, small and medium enterprises, start-ups and spin-offs, banks, venture capital and private equity funds, universities and research centers.

We know that an internal practice of intellectual property is an expensive solution for many companies, research centers and universities; yet, managing intellectual property assets wisely and effectively is key for corporate success.

That is why we are the outsourcer for the management of patents and other intellectual property rights portfolios. We provide a vertically-integrated service for the generation of intellectual property, from collecting invention disclosures, to evaluating requirements for protection, to filing patent application with our first-class patent attorneys.

Our services

Prior art search and patentability opinions

Freedom to operate (FTO) analysis and patent landscaping and portfolio measurement

Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of intellectual property

Intellectual property due diligence for investors

Patent box

Legal for intellectual property

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