THEOREM – youTH intEllectual prOpeRty Education prograM: dissemination material now out!

Within THEOREM – youTH intEllectual prOpeRty Education prograM - a project funded by the EUIPO (GR/001/17, Lot 2: Reaching to younger generation and citizen Application reference n° 077) made available a set dissemination materials and a guide on intellectual property for start-up companies. All materials are available here:  

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MITO meets the research system of the Provincia Autonoma di Trento for scouting #technologies in the field of #sustainability

MITO, Fondazione E. Mach (Istituto Agrario San Michele all'Adige), Hub Innovation Trentino, University of Trento and Fondazione B. Kessler are meeting today in San Michele all'Adige to explore the potentials of a technical cooperation and opportunity scouting for #ProgressTechTransfer, the Italian technology transfer fund for technologies in the field of #sustainability. We envision a long-term [...]

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Boost Your Tech from #IMAST

MITO Technology supports Boost Your Tech, an initiative by IMAST to accelerate the maturation of research results and their market update. More information is available at L’iniziativa sperimentale promossa da IMAST per il consolidamento dei risultati della ricerca nel settore dei materiali. Una modalità innovativa che avvicina i ritrovati tecnologici alla fase d’industrializzazione e produzione attraverso [...]

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We launched our tech transfer fund on #sustainability: Progress Tech Transfer

Yesterday, at #LUISS Hub in Milan, we presented our tech transfer investment fund for Italian technologies and applications on #sustainability. It was a great success of public and we hope we will continue raising interest around our initiative of tech transfer. Details on the operations of the fund will be available shortly. A quick video [...]

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Our friends at #Caligoo [ @caligoodev ] to receive investment from US-based VC

Our friends and clients at #Caligoo [ @caligoodev ] were finalists at the Bend Venture Conference last Friday in Bend, Oregon. Nicola Iotti gave a presentation of Caligoo's technology and business and they eventually won! Seven Peaks Venture of Bend will invest 250.000 USD in Caligoo's equity, in an overall strategy of growth that will [...]

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Data Engine Technologies v. Google

Interesting reading: the CAFC opinion in a case about patent eligibility of tab patents. The Tab Patents are titled “System and Methods for Improved Spreadsheet Interface With User-Familiar Objects,” and claim systems and methods for making complex electronic spreadsheets more accessible by providing familiar, user-friendly interface objects—specifically, notebook tabs—to navigate through spreadsheets while circumventing the arduous process of searching for, memorizing, and entering [...]

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